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Sustainable Style in Sweaters: Ethical Men's Fashion by Myrrhia

With autumn upon us, you don’t want to be caught in the cold with an insufficient sweater. A notion passed down from generations reminds us to investment in clothes that will last. Fast forward to today’s social network, and we find we have the creative ability (and loads of blogs to consult us) to take these choice staples and restyle them into an array of [...]

Pride for Place: therethere

One of the key elements of ethical fashion, is the love and support of local creative systems that engages a new type of pride for one's town in which they live. Oaklandish, Oakland's local love and civic pride apparel brand, re-introduces this "pride of place" in their latest project: therethere. therethere pays homage to the landmarks, the neighborh[...]

Help The Athenaeum

As a nostalgia queen and 'save-the-libraries' enthusiast, I totally admire what The Athenaeum is doing- or trying to do- for a more "sharing" economy in San Francisco. The Anthaenum is the brainchild of Shaye McKenney, owner of La Library- a former prototype clothing library housed in San Francisco's Mission District. The Athenaeum will be "an eco-friendly f[...]