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Trash to Trend

Trash to Trend (TTT) is an online platform dedicated to upcycling. The idea behind the platform grew out of the doctoral research of Reet Aus, a designer who has been experimenting with upcycling in fashion design since 2005. While the platform is initiated by the need to offer a solution for the ever-growing waste problem, it also focuses on sharing design [...]

REFIX Vol. 1 Preview

REFIX Magazine PREMIER ISSUE PREVIEW 2011 from andrea krystine on Vimeo. REFIX Magazine Preview featuring the talents of... Photography: Emily Sandifer Clothing and Accessories by: Kristinit Micha Designs Grammatique Wardrobe Stylists: Emily Brushey Andy Montano Make-up & Hair: Julia LoVetere Adriana Lopez Models: Kaet Lane Bethany [...]

Freedom and Fashion Show

Refix TV: Freedom and Fashion Show 11-6-10 from andrea krystine on Vimeo. Footage from the Fair-trade "Freedom and Fashion" event held in Irvine, CA on November 6th, 2010. Featuring: Jeannie Mai, The Style Network Bonnie Kim, Founder of Freedom and Fashion Docta E., Professor and Musician Allison Trowbridge, Notforsale.org Designs by: Kristinit[...]