animaná is an ethical apparel and home decor brand that harmonizes the artistry of man with that of nature. Founded by Adriana Marina, the company emerged as a social enterprise with the goal of reviving the Patagonian and Andean culture. animaná‘s value chain focuses on preserving the ancient skills of makers and utilizing natural materials- including alpaca wool – in a regenerative and holistic way.

Due to its sustainable nature, alpaca wool is a popular textile in the ethical fashion industry:

*Alpaca’s padded feet allow them to tread lightly on terrain leaving native plants unharmed

*They only eat the tops of the grasses- allowing the plants to regenerate

*They have a three compartment stomach that allows for converting grass into energy quite efficiently with the need for less food

*Due to their camelid ancestry, the alpaca can survive on less water than most animals.

*The alpaca wool fiber itself is naturally water resistant, silky soft and warm.

animaná taps into the region’s native flowers, seeds and tannins as artisans use them as pigments to dye the garments, blankets and accessories, making each piece 100% biodegradable + carbon neutral.

In early Fall 2015, animaná opened doors to its first boutique just a few blocks from Paris’ famous Le Bon Marché. Natural woods and Andean elements warm the space which was designed by Christian Duval.

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