With autumn upon us, you don’t want to be caught in the cold with an insufficient sweater. A notion passed down from generations reminds us to investment in clothes that will last. Fast forward to today’s social network, and we find we have the creative ability (and loads of blogs to consult us) to take these choice staples and restyle them into an array of outfits as we experiment with multi-layering, trouser lines, ties, fastens, tucks and cuts. Much like when shopping for your organic vegetables, another item to consider is the carbon footprint of your purchase– where the garment was made, of what and by whom.

When we take into account all of these “requirements” for the perfect winter attire, it is clear that one ethical fashion label has made decision-making a cinch—California-based Myrrhia Fall/Winter 2014 for men (and women).


The Collection

Inspired by advanced wearable technology and space, Myrrhia for Fall/Winter 2014 is a super stylish collection that bouts effortless sophistication and suitability for any occasion. Structured silhouettes in rich cognac, onyx, and gray compliment Pantone’s cypress, cobalt and aurora red in radiating patterns that mimic networking energies and rippling heat waves. This consciously created line includes an array of crew and v-neck patterned pullovers, hi neck commander sweaters with reclaimed wooden buttons, stylish knit beanies and caps, and signature buckle cowls– functional, yet edgy, alternatives to the traditional long tailed scarf.


Style Ethics

The collection is made in 100% GOTS certified merino wool that is ethically ranched in South America, and spun and organically dyed in Maine, USA. Each Myrrhia Fine Knitwear garment is created using zero-waste knitting technology at their Oakland, California-based studio supporting ethical business practices.

Why We Like It

It’s fun, functional, great for layering, and made with the environment -and people- in mind. For those claiming they hate wool because of its poor reputation for “itchiness”, Myrrhia uses fine merino that creates a super soft [not scratchy], comfortable barrier from the cold. And don’t worry about sweating, staining, and ironing– since the knits are made in natural fibers, they are easy to spot clean at home and do not require expensive dry cleaning treatments. What’s more, the sweaters and accessories speak for themselves and look great with a simple pair of distressed jeans or a trouser in a bold complementary color. Oh yeah… and many of the styles are unisex!


The Model

Asher Deva is an actor and Ford model living in Santa Monica, CA. He had the privilege of “snuggling up” in the Myrrhia Fine Knitwear men’s collection during a photo shoot in Los Angeles.



What did you like best about the Myrrhia collection?
Everything has a classy simplicity about it. There is a sense that anyone can wear it. A lot of times we might look at a designer and feel that it can only look good on certain people. The Myrrhia collection has something for everyone and the fact that it is sustainable clothing only adds to the brand. And it’s made in the USA! The beanies and scarves were definitely my favorites!

If you could take one piece home with you, which would it be?
It would have to be the Radiance Scarf or the Commander Sweater. And if another piece wanted a home, most likely the Faux Furry Hat!

Can you offer us some of your fav fall fashion tips?
Keep it simple, layers are great, a nice pair of boots can give any outfit a lift as well as a scarf, wear a watch, and do your part.


Photos: Sandifer Photography