The welfare states in the Nordic countries are based on a model where citizens take care of each other and the land they live in. Sustainability and countability are long-established concepts in industries such as architecture, energy and food. Now it is the turn of the fashion industry, where several of the newer companies are green from the moment they start up.


One such is the Danish knitwear company AIAYU, which produces clothes, accessories, cushions and rugs in one material– cashllama. At the beginning of 2013, the factory of AIAYU’s main supplier, with support from Danida (Denmark’s international development cooperation, Ed.), will be certified according to SA8000, an acknowledged international standard for social accountability.

In addition, AIAYU will launch a new initiative that involves lengthening the service life of its products. “We have realised that we can help lengthen the service life of our clothes by offering a special after-sales service which extends beyond the conventional warranty period. We will encourage our customers to send us their favourite clothes for free repair, even if the damage is of their own making,” says Maria Glæsel, director and partner of AIAYU.


“The industry could benefit from a change of attitude, so that competition centres on quality and sustainable design rather than on price. Such a change would do the greatest good in relation to the environment.”

The company’s initiative can be seen as a reaction to the mass-produced segment of the fashion industry and to “fast fashion” – frequently changing fashion collections based on the latest trends – which according to critics results in overconsumption.

For more information on AIAYU, visit their website here.