Photo story: “Clandestine Evolution”

The theme revolves around the scientific equation of nature as it applies to sustainable fashion and art. The goal was to achieve a “oneness” with nature whereby each facet is inextricable or interdependent of each other. By merging light and dark elements, and with nature as a backdrop, each look featured the model in an ethereal landscape wearing sustainable designs. The mission of Clandestine Evolution was to purport the future of fashion and immersing in the reality that the survival of our natural habitat depends on its evolution.

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Wardrobe Credits:

Black and white dress and hand dyed, upcycled dress with chain
Reciclagem NY by Tamara Leacock

Black dress, cropped handmade leather top and cream dress with hand-dyed sheer cotton cutout
Titania Inglis

Natalie Frigo

Team Credits:

Creative Director & Stylist: Jennifer Nnamani
Photographer: Jubert Gilay
Makeup: MAKE‐UP PRO – Yanyan He & Florence Thi
Hairstylist: Shari Edwards
Model: Mary-­Margaret from Major Model Management
Assistant: Ekua Musumba


Interview with the creative director:

Jennifer Nnamani is a New York-based creative director and the founder of Beaumonde Society.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Nigeria. I moved to New York in my teens and currently reside in New York City.

What are some of your favorite things about the place in which you live?

The proximity to the park

What inspired you?

God, nature, color, art and people’s stories

As a creative director, what are some of your favorite subjects to work with and why?

I love to shoot outdoors– I love the beauty of nature and the extra touch it adds to the stories. I enjoy working with models that enjoy being in their natural element– brings the story to life. Naturally.

When did you first discover ethical fashion?

In 2011. I took a course in my final year for my MBA program and we were learning about Shell and the devastation that they left and continue to leave behind in the Delta region in Nigeria. Before this realization (that was unbeknownst to me even as a child living in Nigeria) I know I always wanted to do fashion, but to partake in something that would add to the quality and value of life. From then on, I decided my career would be to work with ethical fashion brands based in the Tri-state area.

What are some of your favorite ethical fashion brands?

Reciclagem NY, Stella McCartney, Titania Inglis, Kibonen NYTOMS, Vivienne Westwood, LER Ligisa and LYN BORGA


More of Jennifer’s work can be found on her facebook page, blog, or on instagram.