In celebration of their 9th release “BLAM!!!”, MSSNGDGTS (aka 88:88) delivers to us a remix featuring the elegant, post-modern space jazznoise of San Francisco trio the Broun Fellinis. For 20 years the Fellinis have been stretching sound outward and beyond the normal status quo pop song constraints. Kevin Carnes and Kirk Peterson form a rhythm section that is equal parts groove generator and space time distorter. Together, they weave a dense, multi-directional tapestry of angular beats, tectonic basslines and rhythmic atmospheres which are haunted by the exploratory, brooding tenor saxophone of David Boyce, a true conjuror of late night smoke, dark obsession and spiritual redemption.

The remixed track is available exclusive to ReFix readers prior to MSSNGDGTS’ EP release.  Along with several other tracks inspired by the 90’s, time travel, psychedelic dub, and film, the self-released “Heady EP” will be dropping Sunday, April 22nd embodying a musical painting that pays hommage to the tape-cutting practices of the past. Get the track FREE here!