As a nostalgia queen and ‘save-the-libraries’ enthusiast, I totally admire what The Athenaeum is doing- or trying to do- for a more “sharing” economy in San Francisco. The Anthaenum is the brainchild of Shaye McKenney, owner of La Library- a former prototype clothing library housed in San Francisco’s Mission District. The Athenaeum will be “an eco-friendly fashion library and community events space accessible to folks from all economic backgrounds.” The “library” will also offer various classes, and fashion design internships for aspiring youths.

Picture this, you are invited to a fashion event or on a date and have scoured your closet over and over and can’t find anything, but re-runs, and you need to make that positive impression- The Athenaeum would be your answer- your second-hand haven of style. This fashion library would offer you a place where you can be assisted by “librarians” (professional stylists) and “check-out” clothes for that special event. They would even offer items that you most likely wouldn’t want to buy- like fancy costumes and other extreme items that would save you the money and the carbon footprint of creating more wasted space in your closet [not to mention less for-mass-profit manufactured clothing]

They are currently indie-go go campaigning to raise some funds in order to make possible a new type of ethical, sustainable, and creative business. Options of crowd funding range from $10-$10,000- all of which include some perk-age. If funding is not an option, you can even donate your favorite pieces of clothing and accessories to the library’s collection by contacting Shaye –