REFIX Vol. 2 is now online and available for your viewing pleasure. This issue we feature some really cool people doing some pretty extraordinary things like coming up with an eco-labeling system for textile products or starting a website to enable communities to “swap” clothing. Oh yeah! And we’ve also got fashion spreads featuring organic and sustainable clothing and accessories, seasonal trend reports, eco lifestyle tips, designer features, interviews and a special sumin sumin…


REFIX “Fixtape”, a collaborative with experimental musician and producer Mssng Dgts aka “88:88”, is a fusion of underground masterpieces with nostalgic, resurrected, and remixed tracks of the past. Recorded and remixed live – yeah I said LIVE!- Fixtape .01 is available for download [for free] in this month’s issue of the magazine (page 8 to be exact).

Mssng Dgts (88:88) is a signer/songwriter, guitarist, performing artist, producer, and disc jockey. He creates from the soul. Spitting genuine rhyme, and utilizing what musical equipment he has collected over the years (rather than using a do-it-for-you computer program) he maintains a raw and organic vibe that keeps truth in his music. Well known for his live mixing, Mssng Dgts’ unique and innovative sound has given him international recognition. His latest LP, The Grey drops Friday, November 11, 2011 and will be available for free download on his website.