“Finish everything on your plate!” Says mom.

“Utilize the whole length and width of your fabric,” says Katharina– a fashion designer looking to change fashion production for the better.

As a fashion design student of the School of Art Berlin-Weissensee and University of the West of England, Katharina is out to find solutions to minimize garment waste associated with our modern fashion industry. She created her line, ANOTHER FRAME, in the effort of avoiding that average 20% fabric waste that is normally produced when a garment is cut. Her innovative fashion label dares not cling to the traditional tailor’s trade, basing designs on logical and conceptual pattern systems that push the boundaries of pattern cutting with a concept known as zero-waste.

“Today’s fashion industry is facing major problems. Alongside pollution, toxic dyes and the use of 16% of the world’s insecticides for the growing of cotton alone, the ever-growing amount of waste is one of the most alarming issues.”


Photos by: Erik Fischer
Model: Samantha
Hair and Make-Up by Nicole-Constanze Murek