Article by Camilla Doig Lorentzen

Ali Hewson couldn’t possibly have guessed how life would turn out when she met her future husband at Dublin’s Mount Temple Comprehensive School in 1975. Her high school sweetheart, Paul, now known as Bono, perhaps the biggest rock star (and according to Time in 2009, one of the most influential people) in the world – thanks to his many charitable initiatives. In 2005, the couple launched EDUN, a fashion company that promotes trade above aid in Africa and other developing countries by using factories that pay fair wages, creating jobs and encouraging investment in these areas. These days Hewson divides her time between family, campaigning and running the now multinational company.

In May 2009, luxury group LVMH took a substantial stake in the company adding EDUN to their stable of world-class brands. With the expertise and support of LVMH, EDUN now have the tools to become a global fashion brand.

While EDUN’s primary focus is trade, the brand actively engages in sourcing organic and sustainable materials whenever possible. Organic cotton is not only a responsible environmental solution, but also provides healthier working conditions and is a valuable market opportunity for farmers in Africa.

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