Article by Andrea Krystine

Once upon a time…

there was a Kitty who believed that eco-styled footwear could be beautiful.

Footwear designer, Kitty Cooper, gained her fashionable background by earning a first-class degree at Cordwainers’ Institute, part of London College of Fashion, and working for a time designing China-made shoes for a number of High Street retailers. Her love and expertise of vintage comes from several years of experience dealing vintage clothing and accessories in various shops of London.

Inspired by the aesthetics and craftsmanship of past eras, The Kitty Cooper Collection is handmade in East London. The beautiful fabrics, buttons, ribbons, and trims are all locally sourced vintage pieces from the 20′s to the 70′s. Oooh yes!

Keeping consistent with her mission, Kitty’s shoes include only leathers tanned using organic substances such as the seed pods of the Tara tree or the Valonea oak.

Not only does her product lend an ode to the past, the packing contributes to sustainability by including 100% post-consumer recycled, non-bleached paper, and organic fairtrade shoe bags with every purchase.

Images from Kitty Cooper website