Article by Andrea Krystine

In 2004, Amy Bowen and Tudor Lloyd- Kerry combined their studies of environmental technology and art, added their love of the punk era and iconic/ironic tee slogans of the 80′s & 90′s …and *poof* MONGREL was born.

MONGREL, specializing in fashionably ethical tees, has a business model that “meet[s] in the middle, with style and substance”.

With continued efforts towards producing “ethical fashion that is good enough”, they acknowledge that ethical fashion can have a “bit of an image problem”.

Although some industry peeps take advantage of the “green” label, MONGREL stays true to the proverb: “it’s what’s inside that counts”.

The yarn MONGREL uses Control Union certified farmers and manufacturers, and their organic fabrics meet GOTS. In addition to the fabric itself, MONGREL also utilizes low impact dyes that are free from hazardous chemicals.

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