Article by Andrea Krystine

Unless you are an alien to this planet, you must know that once a product “goes Hollywood”, sales skyrocket!

Kudos to Ecoist, an awesome handmade bag brand, that is now the latest ‘buzz’ due to some prime product placement.

Refreshing, because it’s really about time that some green products get their debuts on the big screen.. along with some well deserved attention!

Ecoist is especially cool, because they are a key contributor in recycling those extra odd post-industrial waste wrappers that manufacturers tend to trash. Ecoist’s specialty is utilizing these extra candy wrappers, soda bottle labels, and other waste-bound materials into the construction and design of their bags!

Remember the days of buying a stick of Starburst candies only to eat while simultaneously creating some sweet friendship bracelets? –it’s kinda like that, except without the extra calories.

(photo from Ecoist website)
The Silver Mega- appearing in Sex in the City 2
Bag made from handfolded, recycled candy wrappers