Ok.. so I rarely get all infatuated with clothing, accessories, and material things.

Who am I kidding?!

I am a twenty-something gen-y lady who has been trained since birth to become an ideal consumer. Although I have mended my ways and have consolidated my life to be more green/eco-friendly, the temptation to buy is there at times–especially now thanks to Matt and Nat!

Giving in to such a lovely purse would grant that instant gratification/satisfaction I am desiring, but upon wearing off might only leave me feeling guilt and material-consumption remorse.



Matt and Nat’s 21 water bottle initiative has reinforced my liking with their commitment to social responsibility and the environment. Their HOT “biker chic/glam-rock” vegan leather accessories include linings made from recycled plastic water bottles!

Infact, a little message tag, attached to the lining of each purse, notes the exact amount of bottles used in their production. How neat.

Oh, happy me.

For more info/news on Matt and Nat, check out their blog: http://blog.mattandnat.com/