When contacted to get involved with our green fashion movement, Jamie Lim, founder of KAYU Bamboo Sunglasses, was determined to help!

Jamie grew up in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong where she became intrigued by the unique environment. The aesthetics of the region inspired her to create a line of ecological and ethical accessories– sunglasses... but what for the material?

Jamie found the solution for her accessories in bamboo. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and can restore itself in just five years. Unlike trees, bamboos grow to full height in a single growing season (3–4 mos). Bamboo also has the ability to grow naturally without pesticides or fertilizers thus making it a sustainable, eco-friendly material to work with.

KAYU has been featured in such publications as In STYLE Magazine and Cosmopolitan Magazine, among others. KAYU products are also currently on display at “Fabric for Thought”, an exhibition of sustainable fashions held at the Koldinghus Museum in Denmark until September 6th 2009.

KAYU collaborates with Unite for Site, Inc., an organization promoting the elimination of preventable blindness, by donating $50 of each pair of sunglasses sold!

In addition to practicing eco-consciousness and donating to a great cause, KAYU is donating two pairs of their newest style of bamboo sunglasses to be a part of the charity auction held at Ecologique: Fashion for a Green Future event!

Please visit KAYUs website to see their range of sunglasses handcrafted from bamboo…


[Look out for new designs this fall '09!]