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Reader of the Week: Andrea Krystine

The mastermind behind Ecologique: Fashion for a Green Future

Readers of the VZ are not naive enough to think that eco-friendly clothes still resemble the attire of mid-forties, uber liberal moms with mullets. And they are no strangers to the socially conscious clothes-acquiring techniques of DIY and the ever-so-faithful thrift. But sometimes our re-sewn skirts fall apart, and our sequin shirts and kitschy animal tees don’t cut it anymore, and we crave for something more — ahem — couture, but where can you find these so-called cutting-edge, eco-friendly fashions? 25-year-old Andrea Krystine from eternally sunny San Diego is your guru to the world of “green” garb. This indie model and marketing master is just one part of the duo behind the Ecologique: Fashion for a Green Future event coming this fall. Krystine gives us a sneak peek into Ecologique, her eco-chic life, and even schools us on the difference between sustainable, eco-frendly, and organic fashion.

What exactly is Ecologique: Fashion for a Green Future?

Ecologique: Fashion for a Green Future is a green initiative fashion show featuring sustainable, eco-friendly, organic, and recycled/reconstructed designs. The purpose of the event is to expose the latest in green couture in addition to giving exposure to those designers, businesses, and boutiques that support eco-friendly practices. We would like to educate young consumers on the benefits of converting from purchasing cheaply constructed, bulk-manufactured, synthetic materials (aka ‘waste couture’) to utilizing their local thrift and consignment shops and local clothing designers thus contributing to the community.

What do you mean by “Green Couture”?

Green Couture is basically eco-friendly, ethical fashion that can be sustainable, organic, and/or recycled.

Sustainable Fashion is typically concerned with harmonizing economic, environmental, and social aspects in the production of their pieces.

Eco-friendly Fashion inflicts minimal to no harm on the environment and contains no animal products.

Organic Fashion is produced with non-synthetic materials that are grown without the use of chemicals, such a pesticides, etc.

Recycled and Reconstructed Fashion is a means of making something old [into] something new again. Typically recycled clothing is of thrift shop or vintage origin. Designers take these once used pieces, and reconstruct them to create beautiful, new works of art.

What made you become interested in sustainable fashion in the first place?

So many things in our world today are suffering — much of it has to do with social and environmental issues. People in our community who are trying to make a difference are not getting the exposure that they deserve; local businesses and trades are also not being utilized as well in our current economic state. Producing such a sustainable event, would not only give these people/businesses a chance to get involved and be highlighted within the community for their positive messages, but also be a part of something that can make a genuine change in educating young consumers of the positive effects of ‘going green’.

Can you tell us a little about your business partner?

Maystar is a model/promoter/designer/vocalist well known in San Diego for her eclectic style and her original events: Fashion Whore and Pop Noir. Being that May and I are both very self motivated AND close friends does cause us to have minor disagreements at times. Meetings are pretty informal: midnight walks, teatime or lavender lemonade sit downs, and text message/myspace discussions.

Can you try your best to make us visualize and imagine what it will be like to attend Ecologique?

Ecologique: Fashion for a Green Future will be as aesthetically beautiful as is its positive message. Held at one of the most elegant hotels in San Diego, the event will commence in a beautiful ballroom and be catered by servers with trays of champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Photographers, press, and film crew will mingle amongst the guests and a photo booth will be taking pictures of guests arriving in style.

The event [will] open with a reception and raffle consisting of donated clothing, bags, purses, and other ‘green’ products of which all proceeds will be donated to charity. The high fashion runway show will feature nine designers of which all will be categorized as sustainable, eco-friendly, or recycled/reconstructed and will be presented by [a] MC. We will close the event with a fashion mixer of sorts hosted by a DJ and consisting of dancing and cocktails.

Who are your favorite eco-friendly designers?

A few of my fav eco-friendly designers right now are Bahar Shahpar, Linda Loudermilk, and Sara Shepard.

You live in sunny San Diego. What do you do in Cali for fun?

California is a nice place to live because we are blessed with nice weather and the people here are generally very friendly. San Diego is located in such an area that is in close proximity to different environments such as beach, desert, mountains, and forest which are great for day trips and diversity and creativity for photo shoots. We also have a unique artist community that is very down to earth and respectful of each other’s talents. You often see multiple artists working together to create fun things to do in our community — in the North Park district of SD.

What is something someone wouldn’t know about you just by looking at you?

I don’t watch TV … at all!